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Services and Pricing


We’ll come to your home to meet you and your pet(s) and discuss what is best to accommodate your pet(s) needs. Any necessary paperwork will be filled out.

    §         Free

Standard Dog Visit
We’ll come to your home for a 30-minute visit to check in on your pets. Your friend will be taken out for a potty break, playtime and excerise. Also, clean water and food will be provided and lots of love and attention.

    §  $15 per visit

    §  For more then one dog add an additional fee of $2 per dog

Private Dog Walk

A 30-minute visit where we will take your dog on a leashed walk in your neighborhood. We’ll make sure your dog gets out to stretch their legs, get fresh air, and do their business.

    §  $20 per walk

    §  For more then one dog add an additional fee of $2 per dog

Standard Cat Visit

We'll come to your home for a minimum of a 30-minute visit to check in on your cat(s). We will give your cat clean water, food,  change the litter box if needed, and give companionship.

               §  $15 per visit


Overnight Stay
We'll spend the night in your home so your pets can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own environment. Overnight visits are about 10-12 hours long while the sitter stays all night in your home. This includes morning and evening walks, playtime, feeding, giving refreshing water, litter box/cage cleaning, medications (if needed), and household duties (gathering mail and newspaper, plant watering, light rotation, and home secuirty checks). This will give you the comfort of knowing your dog(s) will be let out in the evening and in the early morning.

 §         $75 per night

 §         For more then 1 dog add an additional fee of $5 per dog        

Additional Services

Pet Taxi

We’ll take your pet to the vet, groomers, or any other destination. We can also pick up medications or pet supplies (food, litter) for you. This service is provided with locations within a reasonable radius. 
  §   $20 per visit

Backyard Clean Up
Let us keep your front or back yard clean and sanitary. Basic service includes 30-minute waste clean up once a week.

  §     $15 per visit per week 

  §     Add an additional $5 per dog

























If you don't see a service that you need please contact us for more information.
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